The Journey Begins

Welcome everyone! Thank YOU for joining me at my virtual ribbon cutting! This post marks the official start of my new blog~ waze2wellness18.  I’m thrilled that you have decided to join me on this journey! I have so much to share in the days. weeks. months ahead sharing valuable information and actionable ideas with all of you. 

I am Patti, also known as Patricia, Pat and Glamgram by some. I’m very happy to be here to share this new part of my journey as I discover the wonderful world of blogging.  But, I am also terrified. I want you to know that there’s a small part of me (somewhere located between my heart and stomach) that’s absolutely petrified about launching into uncharted territory of blogging. After some + years of being a wellness educator and lover of all things spiritual, I have decided to write about my passion for living a spiritual life thru yoga, essential oils and helping other people live their best life.

I have learned that there are so many different ways to live your best life and be your healthiest self. I am here to share some things that have worked for me, somethings I have seen work for others, and things I am interested in exploring. Join me and we can discuss, share and learn about them all. Each person I meet along the way has something to teach me, and I would like to be that person for you.

One thing that has been very successful for me on the road to wellness is essential oils. As a Young Living Oily Sista and distributor of oils, I have connected with many like-minded people who have also seen the many benefits of incorporating oils into your life to elevate your wellness. I integrate my love for oils into my life by using different “recipes” which I look forward to sharing with you on “There’s an oil for that Thursdays” as I share information about the healing properties of the many ways to use oils.

From topical use and diffuser recipes to internal and food ingestion, I will invite you to try some new recipes that relate to the parts in your life that may need a bit of attention. In addition, I will expand on what oils are included in each recipe and go further into all of the healing properties that you can enjoy by incorporating these recipes into your life. There are so many waze to make essential oils a part of your life and I will share them with you on “Follow Fridays”.

Come back and visit me to begin incorporating new tricks, tools and hacks for living your best life and dive into all of the different waze to wellness that there are to discover.

Together we will learn and grow, one drop at a time.


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